Lower Prices

Our team wanted to give you an early heads up of some upcoming changes to your Mealime subscription. We've decided to switch it up and make Mealime Pro more accessible to everyone. To do that, we're phasing out annual subscriptions entirely and moving to a new lower-cost monthly subscription of $2.99/month (or similar depending on your country). This lower price will save both monthly and annual subscribers money.

What this means for you

If you are on any monthly plan, good news! You don't need to do anything. The new lower price will automatically be applied.

If you're on an annual plan, our subscription will remain valid until its expiration date. At that time, in order to stay subscribed, you will need to manually re-subscribe under the monthly plan at the new lower price.

Our ask from you

It turns out that making a switch like this isn't easy! Apple and Google make money from subscriptions and because we must use their payment platforms, we're reliant on their tools to make this transition. We've done our best to make the switch as smooth as possible, but we hope you'll be okay with manually re-subscribing at a lower cost.

Please note that this new pricing is for all new subscriptions and renewals from August 12, 2021 forward.

Thanks and Happy Cooking!

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